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19th c. Tin Barn Lantern
C. 1870, wood framed antique barn lantern. Opens on side with door. Small crack on glass on door. Dark primitive black color. About 9" tall and 6" wide.
Price: $245.00

Large 19th c. Sugar Firkin

Great old dry surface with remnants of old grey paint. C. 1860 kitchen firkin. 4 finger band construction 12" tall, 12" wide.
Price: $135.00

19th c. Grungy Tankard

You have to love "Primitives" to love this item. Nice c. 1880, lop eared food tankard. Dirty old color right from the barn! Black outside, clean and light colored inside. Metal banded and tight. Great item! About 12" tall and 8" across bottom, top opens with ease.

Price: $165.00

Superb 19th c. Wall Cupboard
At roughly 20" tall, 14" wide, 8" deep is this great 19th c. primitive wall cupboard. Nice old dry attic surface remains. Folk art cutouts at top, 2 shelves within. Likely 1870's.
Price: $195.00

19th c. Tankard

Late 19th c. food storage tankard. Finger band construction, likely English, top removes. About 8" tall
Price: $125.00

19th c. Lop eared Food Container
About 1880... primitive, lop eared food storage container. Nice clean and light colored. Metal bands are tight and item totally usable. Slight crack in lip across top. Stands 14 tall and about 10 across bottom as it is canted and less wide at top.
Price: $145.00
19th c. Water Vessel
Likely English, Very cool water bucket or well water devise. Old dry surface, initials of "VC" engraved on back. 25"tall, 11" wide.
Price: $165.00
19th c.Round Country Measure

c. 1860, wooden, metal banded country store measure. Used to weigh dry goods in old country store. Marked 5 Liter, Great condition, still usable. *" tall, 8" wide.

Price: $135.00

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