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Huge 3 Piece Ironstone Soup Tureen
Very large English Ironstone soup tureen. Beautiful embossed pattern. About 14 across and 11 tall. Underplate has old chip on bottom foot. Tureen is in awesome condition free from damage! Beautiful and useful... buy it now!
Price: $225.00

Large 19th c. Ironstone Jardiniere
Awesome, American white ironstone floral jardiniere. Stands about 14 tall. In great condition free from cracks or breaks. Additional info available.
Price: $195.00

19th c. Grungy Wall Paper Dome Trunk

You have to love "Primitives" to love this item. Nice c. 1840's, wall paper dome top truck. Showing awesome age but yet in tact! About 20 long and 14 tall. Some old stains make this box adorable!

Price: $225.00

Superb 19th c. Apothecary
At roughly 18" tall, this 7 drawer apothecary chest has a warm finish. Drawers are compartmentalized and they lock shut. In awesome condition.
Price: $235.00

19th C. Painted Game Board

Mid 19th c. game board. great old green and black paint. About 32 tall and 22 wide. Great condition with old age crack for authenticity! l
Price: $395.00

19th c. Lop eared Food Container
About 1880... primitive, lop eared food storage container. Nice clean and light colored. Metal bands are tight and item totally usable. Slight crack in lip across top. Stands 14 tall and about 10 across bottom as it is canted and less wide at top.
Price: $145.00
19th c. Water Vessel
Likely English, Very cool water bucket or well water devise. Old dry surface, initials of "VC" engraved on back. 25"tall, 11" wide.
Price: $165.00
19th c.Round Country Measure

c. 1860, wooden, metal banded country store measure. Used to weigh dry goods in old country store. Marked 5 Liter, Great condition, still usable. *" tall, 8" wide.

Price: $135.00

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